Athena acupuncture massage

Acupuncture, moxibustion, Shiatsu – Athena / Since 1999

Long-term experience and reliable technology can improve chronic symptoms

Treatment with various approaches beyond just acupuncture

There are several practitioners who have acquired national qualifications. We provide insurance for basic diseases (stiff shoulders, periarthritis, lower back pain, contractures in each joint, etc.) and other digestive and gynecological diseases. If we find it difficult to respond, we will refer you to a clinic, treat the clinic in combination with Oriental medicine, and use a multifaceted approach. If you wish to apply for insurance, you will need to provide your hospital’s consent form. Please contact us in advance.

Various course designs to meet your needs

For those who are busy and unable to visit the hospital frequently, or those who want to improve their constitution, “Standard course 60 minutes” 4950 yen, and those who want to reduce the symptoms anyway, “Short course 30 minutes” 2760 yen. For those who want to receive exercise guidance, we offer a course that responds to a variety of needs, with an exercise guidance course of 30 minutes for 2760 yen. * All prices include tax.

Emphasis on informed consent

We perform the procedure only after the customer is satisfied with the person in charge, the procedure fee, and the treatment method. Even after the symptoms have been alleviated, exercise therapy to prevent recurrence is adopted, and in response to the needs of an aging society, home visits to homes and nursing homes, mainly in nearby areas, are also supported.

If you wish to receive treatment with insurance, consent of a doctor is required regardless of in-hospital or home visit procedures

We strive to provide better medical treatment as cheaply as possible for the community

We also provide training for rehabilitation of the shoulder and prevention of recurrence

Next to I-Look Wako. Located on 2nd floor

Academy Health Management Association Athena Acupuncture Massage

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Regular holidays / Sundays
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