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  Hello everyone. Soshigaya we received visit us on the shopping street promotion association HP “Soshigaya Dottokomu”, Thank you very much.

 Our north side as a reference point the Soshiketani Finance Station as “Soshigaya shopping street”, Soshigaya from Soshigaya town development center forward until the station along North Street on the west side along Soshigaya west street that extends toward the Seijo, has a an area Station bustling shopping district.

 Soshigaya been chosen eaves a store of approximately 350 in the only shopping street, dotted with business shops in excess of about 700 shops as Ultraman shopping district to match the 3 shopping street. Though it is one of the most large-scale shopping district in Tokyo, it has been said to be nostalgic shopping mall, which is reminiscent of the image.

 Be present privately-run shops are many while the station as a “Soshigaya shopping street”, that there is a lot of original goods as Ultraman shopping district, you may also be said to feature.

 As close to a large shopping mall support the lives of local residents, also while we in the footsteps cherish even one side of as Ultraman shopping district, we will forever thank the “Soshigaya shopping street” to continue the evolution and continuity.

After a look at the “Soshigaya Dottokomu” is, I look forward all means Soshigaya to shopping district actually you for your visit so !!

Soshigaya shopping street promotion association
Soda Kaoru

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