Hagiwara Lumber Shop

Hagiwara Lumber Shop

A lumber supplier that supports Taiga drama

In addition to carpenters, we supply timber to art directors from TMC and Toho Studios. Sometimes, our lumber goes to art directors who build sets for the famous television drama “Taiga Drama”.

I am the fourth successor of Shunsuke Hagiwara. Please feel free to consult me on anything!

Everyday people are also welcome

DIY consultations are available. In those cases, please tell us about your project in as much detail as possible e. For example, where will you use the timber? Outdoors? Indoors? Based on your answers, our professionals can give the best advice from every viewpoint, such as what lumber should be used or what finish should be applied. Please feel free to come to visit our store for assistance with all of your wood needs.

This oak tree was planted by the founder, my great-grandfather. Our sign can be seen from the Odakyu Line

The power saw made by our founder still works just fine

We can reshape a cypress cutting board just the way you like it(Up to about 300 mm width)

Hagiwara Lumber Shop

Address: 3-9-3 Soshigaya, Setagaya-ku
TEL / 03-3483-0809
Business hours: 7:30-17:30 (From sunrise to sunset. On Saturdays until 12:00)
Regular holiday / Sundays and National Holidays
Credit card / Not Accepted

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