Kiku Sushi

We are proud of this tuna and locust

 You can enjoy this tuna for 800 yen for large toro, 600 yen for medium toro and 250 yen for lean. We are proud of burrow which we feed every day. The fluffy finished burrows fit together in your mouth, giving you an unbelievable moment. Small skin is popular with customers. Please appreciate the light things that you have done carefully.

* All prices are 1 item and excluding tax

Bamboo Nigiri 1400 yen (9 pieces)

There is “lively material”

 There are horse mackerel, horse mackerel, kuruma shrimp, abalone, etc. in the cage The “sweetness” that can be tasted because it is a fresh ingredient is irresistible since it is placed after the order is placed. Please taste it by all means. Horse mackerel is 800 yen per tail. How to eat is sashimi, tapping, grip etc. Please be intoxicated with the umami of horse mackerel, which is said to be the king of taste.

Only 12 seats at the counter

Easy to eat Kohada without tight vinegar

I’m Chiji Kobayashi, the shop owner.

Kiku Sushi

Address/soshigaya 3-30-1
business hour/11:30~13:30、17:00~22:30
Credit card / impossible

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