Creative Izakaya Saikoro

Not only the ingredients but also the sake.

We purchase seafood directly from the market every day. We want you to enjoy the taste of fresh seafood and the season. Only the sake and shochu that you want to taste with your dishes are selected. We offer a wide variety of Kanagawa sakes such as “Izumibashi” and “Tensei” that are known to people who know them from famous sources such as Mie Prefecture’s famous sake, Jikon. Sake is priced from 500 yen per glass at a reasonable price, so please try it out.

As of May, we also have takeout for lunch. The photo is a daily Naokoro lunch 650 yen.

We prepare dishes that value the seasons.

You can enjoy dishes that are particular to the seasonal ones. For example, a set of cooked rice is 1050 yen and a grilled fish set meal is 1000 yen. There are also tempura set meals, boiled fish set meals, and omakase mini courses. We are currently operating in-store with consideration for social distance. Please come and enjoy the fresh taste instead of the takeout. We’ll be expecting you.

Grilled fish set meal is 1000 yen.

Creative Izakaya Saikoro

Address: 3-31-6 Soshigaya
Business hours / 12:00-14:00、16:00-19:00LO
Regular holidays:Undecided
Credit cards / Not accepted

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