Poppy mutual prosperity

Dry Cleaner Poppy Kyouei / Since 1994

A local dry cleaning service

Servicing Soshigaya for 25 years

In addition to clothing, we clean shoes, bags, leather, fur, kimono, carpets, futons, stuffed animals and more. We also perform garment repairs.

Winter clothing storage service

We can store your winter clothing after cleaning, from April through June, and deliver it to you at the end of October.

Please contact us about your clothing repair needs

A full service cleaner

Poppy mutual prosperity

Address / 3-37-22 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3484-0464
Business hours: 9:00-21:00 (opens 10:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Regular holidays / Thursdays
Credit cards / Not accepted

Tamamura Bag

Tamamura Handbags / Since 1963

A great selection available, from everyday styles to travel and business

Over 50 years in Soshigaya

We carry pouches, totes, business cases (cowhide or nylon), outdoor luggage, a great selection by Hedgren, carryons and more. A wide range of useful accessories, such as ladies’ tote bags, handbags, and wallets are also available. We feature a handmade denim bag design at the back of the store by the second generation owner. There is also full after-sales service available for repairs, cleaning, etc. for your convenience.

Items in back of the shop feature handmade and made-to-order items

We proudly provide long-lasting and durable bags for gentlemen and ladies

Tamamura Bag

Address: 1-8-15 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3482-0074
Business hours / 10:00-19:00
Regular holidays / Wednesdays
Credit cards / Not accepted

Shoe Senka Soshigaya Okura Store

Kutsusenka shoe shop – Soshigaya-Okura branch / Since 1995

Repair and maintenance are important for the life of your leather goods. Please leave it to us

Not only shoes but other leather products too

We do cleaning, repairs, color corrections, mold removal, repair mold damage and more for leather goods such as shoes, handbags, jackets, wallets, canvas and nylon. Recently, we are getting more requests for mouton boot cleaning.

Cleaning is recommended both before and after seasonal changes

We run a campaign twice a year to coincide with seasonal fashions. We clean, sanitize and sterilize your leather goods to keep them in good condition for a long time. Please give us a try.

Soshigaya is home to discerning consumers

The Soshigaya store has been around for a long time. It is frequented by people in their thirties to fifties in the prime of life and who appreciate fine products, such as leather shoes and handbags. Some people have ordered of products to give to their grandchildren.

Please consult us about stain removal and repair

Please take advantage of our special offers during our seasonal campaigns

Shoe Senka Soshigaya Okura Store

Address: 3-35-12 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-6411-3636
Business hours / 10:00-19:00
Regular holidays / Wednesdays
Credit cards / Accepted
Gift certificate common in Setagaya-ku / Accepted
Website / https://www.kutsusenka.com/