Green Mind Soshigaya

Flower shop Green Mind – Soshigaya branch / Since 2015

A CD cover is displayed at the rear of the store near the ceiling. The CD’s title contains a secret message…

I want people who have never arranged flowers to give it a try

For those who have never arranged flowers, I want this to be a “gateway shop” and resource for the joy that flowers bring. For this reason, we offer a wide range of products – something for everyone – at affordable prices. The motto of our shop is “we want you to enjoy flowers not only for anniversaries and celebrations but for everyday life as well.”

On the way home from work

We’re open until 9pm, so why not stop by on your way home for something for your home? The shop features cut flowers, but also houseplants, bouquets, wreaths, and bright, miscellaneous items for you to take home. We have many products that are easy to care for, even for beginners, so I think this is the perfect place for learning to live with plants.

In this shop, no matter which direction you look, you will see flowers and greenery

Improve your mood and brighten your room with flower power. Drop in anytime

Green Mind Soshigaya

Address: 1-11-5 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5490-8169
Business hours: 10:00-21:00 (closes at 20:00 on Sundays and holidays)
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Gift certificate common in Setagaya-ku / Accepted
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