J.com Shop Soshigaya Okura Station

J:COM Shop Soshigaya-Okura station front branch / Since 2008

Conveniently located near the station

Leave everything about J:COM to us

We provide support for cable TV J:COM service applications, advice on optimal plans and contract change procedures and offer after-sales support.

We offer benefits the benefits that subscribers want

We are also introducing new services, such as gas and electricity, inexpensive smartphones and bicycle insurance for J:COM subscribers. J:COM original AI speakers are also part of the service.

I’m Daisuke Ikuta, the store manager, and our friendly staff

We offer easy-to-understand explanations of our various benefits and services

J.com Shop Soshigaya Okura Station

Address / 3-1-23 Soshigaya 1F
TEL / 0120-999-000
Business hours / 10: 00-19: 00
Regular holidays / Wednesdays
Credit cards / Accepted
Website / https://shop.jcom.co.jp/shop/soshigayaokuraekimae.html