Izakaya Dining Himitsukichi

Izakaya Dining Himitsukichi / Since 2010

You can enjoy seafood purchased that morning

Operated by a former sushi chef and connoisseur

As a sushi chef, I purchase seafood at Toyosu Market every morning. We also prepare many other Japanese dishes, such as fresh sashimi, tempura or monkfish liver – that go well with sake. Please come and visit us.

Appetizer: Nigiri Sushi

I serve sushi that showcases proper fish handling paired with the right ingredients. Please enjoy my excellent skills obtained at a sushi restaurant.

The large, Raw Oysters (market price) are popular for their rich taste and crispy texture

The store has a modern, tranquil atmosphere

Just a one-minute walk from Soshigaya-Okura Station, the shop is just below street level

Izakaya Dining Himitsukichi

Address / 3-30-4 (just below street level) 1F Soshigaya
TEL / 03-6411-9114
Business hours / 17:00 ~ 2:00; Fridays, Saturdays and day before holidays closes 3:00)
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Website / http://himitsukichi2007.com