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Editorial Design Office Shimi Shobo

In Japanese, the word for silverfish – the small insects that live between old book leaves – is “shimi”

If you translate “shimi” into English, it becomes “silverfish.” When you translate “silverfish” back to Japanese, one possible translation becomes “bookworm.” The owner of our shop has been a bookworm since childhood, and his career, including stints in publishing, editorial production and freelance work, has revolved around paper media.

“I was an writer/editor, but now have a shop, specializing in design”

From business cards to flyers, posters to pamphlets, magazines and books – no matter the media – we see to the creative process from design and manuscript production to print shop submission. Other media, such as T-shirts, cups, bags, and more. is OK. We offer free quotes. There are many steps involved in taking a project to print. Please feel free to take the first one with us, even if it’s just an idea.

By the way …

I’m pretty sure that only two people knew the Chinese Characters “紙魚” meant “shimi.” They were our editor and our proofreader. I think that calling a small pest that lives on paper a “paper fish” is quite clever.

Editorial Design Office Paper Fish Shobo

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