Kamakura Pasta Soshigaya Okura Store

Kamakura Pasta Soshigaya – Okura Branch / Since 2014

Special carbonara with thick sliced bacon

Delicious pasta in a relaxed Japanese atmosphere

In this restaurant you can eat pasta with chopsticks in a calm space as you would fine Japanese cuisine. The Soshigaya branch is in a residential area, where many local customers come to relax with a meal or tea time. Great customer service and a cozy ambience are top considerations.

Fresh pasta for the discerning customer

We use fresh pasta made entirely from the highest grade of durum flour. Aged for a day, it has a fresh and gooey texture that not found in dry pasta. We want you to try our Carbonara with special cream sauce. Split the egg yolk with your chopsticks, coat your noodles with it and enjoy the rich texture.

All-you-can-eat fresh-baked bread!

When you order your meal, you can enjoy warm, freshly baked bread, made right in our kitchen. The outside is crispy, and the inside is soft and flavorful. Try it slathered with sauce and accompanied by the unique texture of the fresh pasta.

Located in front of North Exit Station Square

A warm space with trees

Kamakura Pasta Soshigaya Okura

Address: 3-32-1 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5490-7309
Business hours / 11:00-22:00
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Website / https://www.saint-marc-hd.com/b/saintmarc/info/90107/?brand_type=PST

KALDI Coffee Farm Soshigaya Station

KALDI COFFEE FARM Soshigaya-Okura Station Front Branch / Since 2008

A roadside shop near the station, serving fresh brewed coffee

A special place for coffee and wine and imported food

KALDI Coffee Farm is a coffee and imported food and liquor store known throughout the country. The Soshigaya store sees many customers who have been coming for over 10 years, especially for the wine. In addition to classic European wines, selections from Chile and Portugal have recently become popular.

Gifts and flavors from around the world are available

Please enjoy sipping delicious coffee while you shop. We have a wide selection from around the world as well as sweets and gifts. Recently, our focus is on original products, and we have been developing items that can be viewed on SNS and Instagram. There are quite a few specialty products for holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas.

Beginning with the desire to “do good for the earth”

The founder holds a strong desire to do something good for the environment as a corporate philosophy and supports the Doiton Project, which transformed a drug production area into an environmentally friendly coffee farm, Bird Friendly® Coffee and Fair Trade Zone. We support this through sales of products. At KALDI, all store staff are women. To ensure that our philosophy reaches our customers properly, we place emphasis on women’s expertise, awareness and imagination, and also leave the sales floor to women.

We sell coffee beans and related products such as paper filters and mills from various countries

Food and ingredients come from around the world, from such places as Italy, Korea, Thailand or more

The Soshigaya store is popular with customers who purchase wine, so this location features a greater selection compared with other branches

KALDI Coffee Farm Soshigaya Station

Address: 3-32-2-1F Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3484-5852
Business hours / 10:00-22:00
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Gift certificate common in Setagaya-ku / Accepted
Website / https://www.kaldi.co.jp/