Familymart Soshigaya Okura Station West Store

FamilyMart Soshigaya-Okura west branch / Since 2016

We carry hot, deli fried foods and plenty of Chinese steamed buns

A huge selection in a large store

This spacious location has a wide variety of products such as food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, household goods, fruits and vegetables. Fried food is served warm. The motto is good customer service time after time.

Introducing an easy self-checkout register

Our shop has a smooth self-checkout system, to reduce wait time at checkout. There is also space to eat-in inside the store. Please give it a try.

At self-checkout register, you can use your transportation card or T point card

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available

Familymart Soshigaya Okura Station West Store

Address: 3-32-5 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5490-7256
Business hours / Open 24 hours
No regular holidays
Credit cards/ Accepted
Website /