Barber asa

Barber Asa / Since 1967

An old-fashioned barber shop

Providing complete hair care in partnership with a clinic

This is a shop specializing in hair growth and ladies’ barbering. In partnership with a clinic, services include massage, shampoo, and nutritional care with supplements. You can also ask us about aging concerns and skin care. We apply specialized technology. Some special treatments are only available by appointment.

Hair care is not just about hair: It’s body and mind care as well

Our philosophy is to listen carefully to every customer and to tailor our treatments in the most appropriate way. Hair and health conditions are linked, so we provide nutritional advice with suggested treatments. Talking about troubles is a very effective stress reliever and good hair care revitalizes one’s health.

Our original cash register is still in use since my parents opened their Shinjuku store in 1959

I am the second generation owner, having inherited the business from my father. Women and men who are concerned about their hair health should consult us

Honoring our customers’ requests to not change our image, we have never renovated

Barber asa

Address: 3-23-1 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3482-8785
Business hours / 9:00-18:00
Regular holidays / Mondays / Tuesdays
Credit cards / Not accepted