Isida Building Barber

Barbershop Ishida / Since 1939

Located upstairs on the second floor

A barbershop with a mellow atmosphere, reminiscent of a street corner in Europe

The shop has an 80-year history and is run by a second generation owner who has been at this location since 1974. The interior walls are made of double-baked bricks, evoking the salon-like atmosphere of a European street corner.

A place to relax and enjoy a good conversation

We value not only cutting but also enjoy chatting with customers. But be aware, that background music is played for privacy. If you want to spend a quiet time without conversation, the volume is set so that you can keep your attention on the music.

The whole effect seems to be an environment favored by stylish gentlemen

There is a comfy sofa in the waiting area

In this cozy salon, you can talk about about your home, work, etc. and feel refreshed

Isida Building Barber

Address: 3-32-5 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3482-3721
Business hours / 9:00 ~ 18:30
Regular holidays / Mondays / Tuesdays
Credit cards / Not accepted