Insurance Hot Line @ Soshigaya Okura Station

Insurance Hotline Soshigaya-Okura station branch / Since 2014

Your contact point for insurance consultations and after-sales follow-up

Count on us for your after-sales insurance services

We support insurance claims and benefits claim procedures, administrative procedures, updates / reviews, and information provision. “If you are not sure about the details of the policy or the amount you can receive about the insurance you are currently contracting, I want someone who can consult objectively.” If you want to review the contents of your contract and compare it with other companies, there are 30 companies, so it is possible to contract a new insurance that suits you.

Your family insurance one-stop shop

This shop is not a “sales shop” for insurance, but a “service shop” for insurance mainly for consultation and after-following after joining. Once you enter the store, you won’t be able to come out until you sign a contract … don’t worry (laughs). Like a family doctor, we help you get rid of your anxiety with insurance. The consultation fee is free and requires a reservation. Please make a reservation by phone / store before visiting.

Please think of us as a “family doctor” for insurance

Insurance Hot Line Soshigaya Okura Station

Address: 1-11-7-1F Soshigaya
TEL / 0120-79-2355
Business hours / 10:00-19:00
Regular holidays / Sundays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website /

Sugisawa Acupuncture and Osteopath

Acupuncture and Moxibustion Studio Sugisawa / Since 2005

I’m Takahiro Sugisawa, the director. I travel far and wide to attend seminars and lectures

Our facility is visited by patients from all over Japan

We provide acupuncture and alternative treatments for those who have been tested at a hospital but have been found to have no abnormal diagnoses but are suffering from chronic conditions, such as stiff shoulders, headaches, backaches, acute illnesses, internal organ disease, etc. Clients include not just local patients, but also people from all over Japan and even Hawaii. On holidays, I speak at lectures and seminars in various places.

We are well-known for unique and high-tech treatments

More than 60 single-use acupuncture needles may be used depending on the symptoms. Our treatments are tailored to a wide range of symptoms using specially developed methods. In order to lead a healthy life and avoid being bedridden in the future, we probe for weak parts of the body and perform whole-body adjustments. Please visit us before you show symptoms.

The clinic located on a quiet street

Between 12:30 and 15:30, by appointment only

Various instruments including single-use acupuncture needles are used in treatments

Sugisawa Acupuncture and Osteopath

Address / 1-10-2 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3483-0540
Business Hours: 9:00 to 12:00, 16:00 to 21:00 (priority given to appointment holders), Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00, 15: 00-18: 00, by appointment only between 12:30 and 15:30
Regular holidays / Sundays and National holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Website /

Barber asa

Barber Asa / Since 1967

An old-fashioned barber shop

Providing complete hair care in partnership with a clinic

This is a shop specializing in hair growth and ladies’ barbering. In partnership with a clinic, services include massage, shampoo, and nutritional care with supplements. You can also ask us about aging concerns and skin care. We apply specialized technology. Some special treatments are only available by appointment.

Hair care is not just about hair: It’s body and mind care as well

Our philosophy is to listen carefully to every customer and to tailor our treatments in the most appropriate way. Hair and health conditions are linked, so we provide nutritional advice with suggested treatments. Talking about troubles is a very effective stress reliever and good hair care revitalizes one’s health.

Our original cash register is still in use since my parents opened their Shinjuku store in 1959

I am the second generation owner, having inherited the business from my father. Women and men who are concerned about their hair health should consult us

Honoring our customers’ requests to not change our image, we have never renovated

Barber asa

Address: 3-23-1 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3482-8785
Business hours / 9:00-18:00
Regular holidays / Mondays / Tuesdays
Credit cards / Not accepted

Takahashi Orthodontic Clinic

Takahashi Orthodontic Clinic / Since 2000

An excellent team! If you are considering orthodontic work, please consult us

Specialized orthodontics

Our director, Dr. Osamu Takahashi, graduated Nihon University Matsudo School of Dental Sciences and obtained his PhD in dentistry from the university’s graduate school. He opened his clinic after working the university hospital in orthodontic department. He is a certified physician, supervising physician and specialist at the Japanese Orthodontic Society, who works hard to treat tooth and bite alignments.

Ms. Miyako Takahashi, who is in charge of Oral Muscle Function Therapy (MFT), studied MFT in the United States after graduating from Nihon Dental University School of Medicine and working at an orthodontic clinic. She is certified by the International Association of Oral Muscular Function Therapy (IAOM) and provides guidance on tongue and abnormal swallowing training, as well as thumb-sucking.

We provide counseling on orthodontic treatment, and easy-to-understand explanations of prospective treatment procedure, duration, technology, costs and more. Counseling is by appointment only. Please contact us by email or phone in advance and visit our hospital’s official website for details.

Located on the third floor of a building beside a restaurant

Please use the stairs

A dental clinic specializing in orthodontics

Counseling is by appointment only. Contact us by phone or email

Takahashi Orthodontic Clinic

Address / 3-32-5 Soshigaya 3F
TEL / 03-5429-0206
Hours / 14:00-19:30 (10:00-18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays)
Closed / Mondays and Thursdays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website /

Manipulative lateral

Osteopathy Lateral / Since 2010

New patients seen by appointment only

We offer full support as your “health ally”

If you are not sick, injured; if doctors tell you there is nothing wrong with your body, but you feel pain or sickness and don’t have energy, please consult us. We will do our best to help you get more comfortable in your body so you can enjoy doing you like to do.

TLC with the Lateral Method

We use our unique “Lateral Method”, consisting of combined treatments, acquired in over 10 years of experience. We employ highly effective adjustment methods that are minimally impactful on bodies in a wide range of age groups.

Treatment plans are based on photographic and other tests

In the first consultation, postural photography, range of motion, strength, balance and center of gravity tests will be conducted. In the second visit we will present a treatment plan that will include the duration and frequency of visits and costs. By understanding the specifics of your plan, you can be treated without having to wonder “how long will this go on?”

The facility is full of greenery

We employ an air purifier and humidifier

We will find the cause of your pain and take care not to aggravate it

Manipulative lateral

Address / 3-37-4 Soshigaya 1F
TEL / 03-6751-2760
Business hours: 10:00-13:00, 15:00-20:00; 10:00-16:00 on Saturdays and Sundays
Regular holidays / Tuesdays, national holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Website /

Chinese Restaurant Kinki

Chinese Restaurant Kinki

Sample course: “Pork belly with black vinegar sauce”

Enjoy Chinese food at the counter

A private room, seating four to five guests is available, but the main dining room has counter seating for seven. This is a restaurant where you can enjoy Shaoxing sake and wine with original dishes while enjoying the fire, sounds and the aromas of cooking right before your eyes.

Course menus only are available for lunch and dinner

Our menu was developed in the image of the chef’s view of the world. There are no à la carte items, only one course each for lunch and dinner. Lunch comes with an appetizer, dim sum, day’s special, noodles or rice, dessert and one drink for 2,500 yen (including tax). The dinner course consisting of appetizers and four dishes is available from 6,000 yen (plus tax).Check out Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

Relocated to a quiet street near “Soshigaya Onsen 21” in April 2019

Enjoy great conversation with the chef at the counter

“I love the city of Soshigaya,” said chef/owner Kinya Aoki.

Chinese Restaurant Kinki

Address: 3-36-24 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-6411-3458
Business hours: 11:30-14:00 (last order 13: 00); 18:00-22:30 (last order 21:30)
Regular holidays / Monday; Sunday lunch-only
Credit cards / Accepted
Website /