Yakitori Takahashi

Yakiton (grilled skewered pork intestine) specialty restaurant, open since 1950

Yakiton (grilled skewered pork intestine) specialty restaurant, open since 1950 This yakiton restaurant has been around for 70 years. The second generation proprietor, I became independent about 30 years ago and took over the shop. My father, the first owner, did not train me much but often said during my apprenticeship at the restaurants, “steal cooking techniques with your own eyes, don’t rely on a master.” Now, I made Yakiton’s “Hiroha” in my own way.

I hone this kitchen knife every day. At first, it was more than 20cm, has been worn down over the years

Crowds come in before we open

Even before opening, customers come in without permission and the counter may be full even before we begin our day. At 17:30, I stand in front of the charcoal grill and orders come in one after the other. We may not politely ask, “what would you like?” but we do hear you. So, please do not hesitate to order.

There is a room in the back besides the counter seat

During the mid-shift lull, I relax and have a drink

During the mid-shift lull, I relax and have a drink When we find our rythym and we reach the midpoint of our day, I like to relax and have a drink as I work the grill. I like shochu that I can control the alcohol content. Lately, I tire easily (laughs), so I sometimes close early. So, you may want to visit us in earlier than later.

Please, enjoy our charcoal-grilled Yakiton

We serve nine kinds of Yakiton (small intestine, cheek meat, tongue, heart, lever, fatty intestine, stomach, uterus and cartilage). All are 150 yen

Yakitori Takahashi

Address: 1-9-12 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3483-5182
Business hours / 17:30-22:00
Regular holiday / Sundays / Holiday
Credit card / Not Accepted

Cut Mart Soshigaya Okura

Cut Mart Soshigaya-Okura Branch

We use a system where patrons wait in line in front of the barber’s chair. On holidays, people may be lined up to the stairs

In this shop, we try to keep price within 1000 yen for a cut

We have a limited selection of services in order to keep costs down. A full service set of a cut, wash and facial costs 2000 yen. Here, customers line up in chairs on a first-come-first-serve basis and await their turn. We ask that you bring your own towel, and wait.

Providing great service

We’re not just about cutting costs, we provide great services. It’s up to you starting from 300 yen. You may also notice that stylists’ name tags show their home prefecture. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with someone from your old neighborhood? In addition to efficient and speedy service, we are developing services that allow customers to spend their time in comfort.

The sofa feels like a soft cushion wrap

Please let us know your tastes on the card and give it to the stylist.

Cut Mart Soshigaya Okura

Address / 1-11-7 Soshigaya Mori Store 2F
TEL / 03-3483-3317
Business hours: 9:00 to 19:00
Regular holidays: Tuesday
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website / http://c-mart.co.jp/soshigaya-2

Matsuya Soshigaya Okura 3-chome

Matsuya beef bowl Soshigaya-Okura 3-chome branch / Since 2002

Our regular “Premium Beef bowl” sauce uses natural stock and with no chemicals, artificial sweeteners, artificial color or preservatives.

Everyone’s dinner table

At Matsuya, we offer our standard premium beef bowl (380 yen for regular size) (*), curry, rice bowls, various kinds of yakiniku, ground beef dishes, etc., as well as a limited menu items at reasonable prices. Since we were founded, we have established a selection process for ingredients and a thorough quality and safety management system to realize our desire to be a dinner table for everyone.
* Premium beef bowls are not offered at all stores.

Premium beef bowl made with chilled, aged beef and natural stock

Our “premium beef bowl” uses “chilled aged beef” that is cooled to a temperature that near freezing – around 0 ° C. The chilling procees increases tenderness and flavorful components of the meat so you can enjoy a gentle, smooth taste. It has a clean flavor without the need for additional stock and has added chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, artificial color or chemical preservatives.

Limited and seasonal items are recommended

In addition to the standard menu, we offer a special limited menu twice a month. The limited menus also include the same popular menu.

Both counter and table seats are available

Try our seasonal menu

Please purchase menu tickets first

Matsuya Soshigaya Okura 3-chome

Address: 3-32-14 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5429-2881
Business hours / Open 24 hours
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website / https://www.matsuyafoods.co.jp/

Kitchen makabe

Kitchen Makabe / Since 1961

A family run shop, with the second and third generation owners in charge of cooking

A long-established Western-style restaurant with a 60-year history

We achieve mild and savory flavors using mostly handmade sauces. Popular “Pork Ginger” using pork loin, is made entirely from scratch for unmatched flavor.

The “Omukoro” with its old-fashioned goodness is also popular

Both “Omukoro” and “Pork Ginger” have had a lot of media exposure. A traditional “omelet rice” made with fried rice wrapped in a thin omelet is served with a chicken cream croquette. This fried delicacy is fried in purified lard from the Netherlands. The chicken cream croquette features dried shiitake mushrooms.

Omukoro (with soup) 1350 yen (plus tax). A delicious old-fashioned omelet with rice

The second floor features spacious table seating with homestyle service

The private room has a capacity for 10 to 18 people. Call us about banquets or parties

Kitchen makabe

Address / 3-1-15 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3482-3748
Hours: 11:30-14:30 (last order 13: 50); Lunch on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays-15:00 (last order 14:20); 17:00-21:00 (last order 20:20)
Regular holidays / Thursday, Wednesday (twice a month)
Credit cards / Not accepted
Gift certificate common in Setagaya-ku / Accepted