Coffee shop

café Soreiyu / Since 1975

Our famous “Rush Hour” menu is designed to make it easier for people in a rush

Our cold brewed coffee made one drop at a time

Cold brewed coffee is served here. Because it oxidizes slower than the hot brewed type, it has a clean, smooth flavor.

Many popular recipes can only be enjoyed here

We have mostly Western dishes on the menu, such as hamburgers, curry, beef stroganoff, omelets, dorias, gratin, spaghetti and more. Since everything is handmade, our dishes are popular and served only here. We also serve draft beer and snacks, so this is also a great place to enjoy a drink. The specialty of the house is the “Rush Hour” (1,100 yen with coffee or tea) consisting of curry, rice, hamburger, sausage, fried eggs, potatoes, salad, spaghetti, corn, or shredded cabbage on a plate. Please try.

A bright, cozy shop with large windows

It is a popular restaurant, often filled with regular customers crowding in from moment we open

We’re a hole in the wall destination – not widely advertised

Coffee shop

Address: 3-32-15-2F, Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3483-5796
Business hours / 9:00-23:00
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Ultra stamp / Accepted
Gift certificate common in Setagaya-ku / Accepted