S Modern Home

S MODERN HOME / Since 2014

A construction firm run by a craftsman with longstanding relationship with a major home builder

A construction company rooted in the community

This community-based construction company‘s services include new projects, renovations, extensions and remodeling, and earthquake-resistant construction. After working for a major residential building firm for 17 years and working as the sole proprietor at construction sites for 16 years, the owner opened his own office. Our shop has a reputation as a craftsman using solid technology cultivated in the field for over 30 years. We mainly focus on renovations, but we also have know-how to consult on new projects.

We value dialogue

For remodeling projects, we first query customers regarding their needs, survey project sites and then provide an estimate. In the case of toilet renovation for instance, we not only discuss replacing the toilet, but consider the wallpaper, floor and building materials under it. If there is damage, work must begin from the foundation and the estimate may exceed the budget. We take care to explain the each item in the estimate to customers and accept the job after their approval.

Our customer service representative used to run a children’s clothing store

For new projects, we will show you the latest in earthquake-resistant construction

S Modern Home

Address: 3-33-8 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5490-3966
Business hours / 9:00-18:00
Regular holidays / Wednesdays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website / http://www.s-modernhome.co.jp/

Salon de Cour

Salon de De Cour / Since 1989

A Soshigaya hair salon loved by the community for 30 years

A full-service hair salon providing technologically advanced care

The concept involves complete service from cut and perm to setting. In addition to suggesting hairstyles that match the customers’ hair, we use advanced treatments and chemicals that are gentle on the scalp and do not damage the hair, including nano perms and carbonated water “head spa” treatments. Organic dyes are also available.

We believe in hospitality

In French, “De Cour”, means “hospitality”. This is a concept that our staff embraces to make our customers feel welcome and at ease. We cater to the needs of a wide range of customers, from small children to adult men and the elderly. Many long time regulars come to see them.

A spacious, stylish interior

The “head spa” features a shampoo table

Salon de Cour

Address: 3-30-4-B1 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3482-8701
Business hours / 10:00-19:00
Regular holidays / Thursdays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Gift certificate common in Setagaya-ku / Accepted

Soshigaya Internal Medicine Clinic

Soshigaya Clinic – Internal Medicine / Since 1998

An accessible clinic where patients receive good care for what ails them

A town doctor in Soshigaya who has been easy to see for 20 years

Specializing in gastroenterology, internal medicine, and gastroenterology, we strive to improve health care in the community. Endoscopy using a gastric camera is also available (appointment required). Our motto is to listen and carefully explain things to our patients. We are a specialty medical checkup organization.

Spacious waiting room

I’m Arihiro Okazaki, the director. I enjoy fishing and often go out on holidays. I have caught bluefin tuna and many unique fish

In case of emergency, we can see patients even during non-business hours

Soshigaya Internal Medicine Clinic

Address: 1-11-7-1F Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5490-9200
Medical hours / 9:00-12:30, 15:00-19:00
Closed / Wednesday, Sunday, Saturday (afternoon), National Holidays, New Year’s Holiday
Credit cards / Not accepted

Poppy mutual prosperity

Dry Cleaner Poppy Kyouei / Since 1994

A local dry cleaning service

Servicing Soshigaya for 25 years

In addition to clothing, we clean shoes, bags, leather, fur, kimono, carpets, futons, stuffed animals and more. We also perform garment repairs.

Winter clothing storage service

We can store your winter clothing after cleaning, from April through June, and deliver it to you at the end of October.

Please contact us about your clothing repair needs

A full service cleaner

Poppy mutual prosperity

Address / 3-37-22 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3484-0464
Business hours: 9:00-21:00 (opens 10:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Regular holidays / Thursdays
Credit cards / Not accepted

Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten

Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten / Since 2002

At home or work, enjoy a restaurant class tonkatsu lunch box!

Take home rich, restaurant quality

The main branch in Shinjuku was founded in 1966. From student cafeteria it grew into a nationwide restaurant delicatessen, bringing restaurant flavor that can be enjoyed at home. Recommendations include “Sangen Mugi Pork Loin,” Raised in a stress-free environment, this Sangen “wheat pork” has a juicy sweetness that is delicious inside the crispy coating. “Sabaten Bento” (mini cutlet, mackerel fillet, with fried shrimp) (895 yen plus tax) is also popular.

Follow the monthly menu

In addition to standard tonkatsu, we offer a croquette menu made from different ingredients every month, cutlets using choice cuts of domestic pork, and Kenbi pork made with linseed oil.

We’re community-based! Conversation with local people is our pleasure at work

Although we’re located a ways from the station, many people come for our “Saboten Tonkatsu,” and we’re popular with a wide range of people, from young to elderly. We work face-to-face with and appreciate our customers who travel far to see us.

The most popular “Saboten Bento” with fried shrimp, mini fillet cutlet and half pork loin cutlet (895 yen excluding tax)

Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten Soshigaya Sanchome

Address: 3-36-29 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3789-5350
Business Hours / 10:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Saturday); (Sundays, holidays) 21:30 close
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Website / https://shinjuku-saboten.com/