Japanese Restaurant Sakeyu

Japanese Restaurant Sakeyu

A wide range of sake

There are at least 25 selections in stock. They represent strong sake flavors to fruitier, wine-like varieties, but our shop keeps a balanced selection with no preference given to anyone. High priced brands like the 14s are not included. Regardless of type or brands, our pricing is the same across our selection; Glasses (110cc) 500 yen; tumblers 800 yen. Any way a customer wishes to imbibe he or she can.

I’m Yukio Okabe, the owner. I’m happy to make your acquaintence

I have been fascinated with Japanese cuisine since my culinary school days

I have been fascinated with Japanese cuisine since my culinary school days I was a wholesaler of meat until I was 30. I attended culinary school for a year. There, I had 10 days of restaurant training and decided on a Western restaurant. My choice was Sasaoka, Ebisu — a specialty restaurant. My interest in Japanese food began there. In 2018, thirteen years later, I had my own place.

Please visit us for a taste of Japanese cuisine made from ingredients carefully selected in Toyosu. We’ll be expecting you.

Deep-fried tofu with four kinds of mushrooms. A treasure that fills your senses with fall flavor

There are tables at the rear of the store

Sake by the glass. All brands may be enjoyed for 500 yen. We want you to I want explore our selections

Japanese Restaurant Sakeyu

Address: 3-27-3 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-6875-9527
Business hours / 17:00-23:00
Regular holiday / Mondays
Credit card / Accepted
Website / https://washokusakeyuu.gorp.jp/

Soshigaya station square picture classroom

Soshigaya Ekimae Enokyo / Founded in 1954

This is a painting class held in the studio of a famous Western painter.

An art school that lasts more than 60 years, studied in a famous painter's atelier

0 minutes from the station, in the former atelier actually used by the late Western painter Masataka Torii at the back of the north exit plaza, this is a painting classroom where you can learn pictures from university lecturers. Kind instructors and advisors help you create what you want to do, from beginners to professionals.

Painting classrooms that can meet various needs from beginners to professionals

I teach to people who want to go on the royal road with oil painting, people who want to draw cute pictures like picture books, people who want to write illustrations, etc. according to various needs. It is an environment where you can learn what you want to learn from oil painting, watercolor, drawing, as well as CG production using a personal computer. Students, housewives and seniors enjoy a wide range of interests, including those who enjoy themselves as a hobby, as well as those seeking to work in painting, as well as animators and film-related industries.

Held on weekdays, mainly on weekends

On Saturday, we hold a portrait class with professional models. All classes are open from 14:00 to 17:00. Tickets are used instead of monthly fees. Exhibitions are also regularly held at the Setagaya Art Museum and other places. Please contact us by phone to apply for tours and trial lessons.

University lecturers carefully teach those who want to learn painting while having fun, and those who aim to become professionals

Atelier with various things to be the subject of painting

Soshigaya station square picture classroom

Address: 1-8-12 Soshigaya Atelier
TEL / 03-3482-4214
Business hours / 13: 00-18: 00
Regular holiday / August, New Year
Credit card / impossible
HP / http://www.art-school.info/