Manipulative lateral

Osteopathy Lateral / Since 2010

New patients seen by appointment only

We offer full support as your “health ally”

If you are not sick, injured; if doctors tell you there is nothing wrong with your body, but you feel pain or sickness and don’t have energy, please consult us. We will do our best to help you get more comfortable in your body so you can enjoy doing you like to do.

TLC with the Lateral Method

We use our unique “Lateral Method”, consisting of combined treatments, acquired in over 10 years of experience. We employ highly effective adjustment methods that are minimally impactful on bodies in a wide range of age groups.

Treatment plans are based on photographic and other tests

In the first consultation, postural photography, range of motion, strength, balance and center of gravity tests will be conducted. In the second visit we will present a treatment plan that will include the duration and frequency of visits and costs. By understanding the specifics of your plan, you can be treated without having to wonder “how long will this go on?”

The facility is full of greenery

We employ an air purifier and humidifier

We will find the cause of your pain and take care not to aggravate it

Manipulative lateral

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TEL / 03-6751-2760
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Regular holidays / Tuesdays, national holidays
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