Kajii Accounting Office

Kajii Accounting office / Since 1992

Office located on the 3rd and 4th floors next to Shinkyo Chinese restaurant

An accounting firm like a small town doctor‘s office

This office has been registered as certified public accountant office since 1992 and as a tax accountant office since 1993. In addition to corporate tax, income tax and inheritance tax for small and medium-sized enterprises or tax services related to government and school, we do accounting advisory services for Soshigaya Shopping Street. One of the features of our firm is that we service many companies in creative fields such as design, animation, music, television and commercial production. Please drop in for a free consultation.

An all-female staff

Kajii Accounting Office

Address / Soshigaya 3-34-9-401
TEL / 03-6411-2074
Business hours / 9:00-17:00
Regular holidays / Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website / https://www.sosapo.org/lp/kajii_accountin_firm/