Parlor Mitsuboshi Soshigaya

Pachinko Parlor Mitsuboshi – Soshigaya Okura Branch

Located in front of North Exit Station Square

Hospitality meets friendly service

This pachinko parlor has long been a neighborhood entertainment spot in Soshigaya. We’re open every day while focusing on “impressing customers with memorable service.” You’ll get a “happy birthday” from all our staff on your special day with other small surprises to make your day. We focus on the satisfaction of our customers so that they will return smiling.

Our staff gets along great

Full-time and part-time employees get together once a month for futsal and other activities. Long timers take great care of newer staff, and we view our low job turnover rate with pride.

We do our utmost to make our customers happy

Second floor entrance

We also have popular items that make great gifts

Parlor Mitsuboshi Soshigaya

Address: 1-8-13 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3484-0742
Business hours / 10:00-22:40
Open: daily
Credit cards / Accepted
Website /

Oozeki Soshigaya Okura

Supermarket Oozeki Soshigaya–Okura branch

Talk about a supermarket in Soshigaya! Oozeki!

We strive for quality and freshness at a good price

Oozeki’s motto is “the customer comes first.” We have a large number of employees so our customers can all receive a warm welcome. Our manager and all employees take our customers’ opinions so we can make a better store. A convenient point card is available.

Oozeki Soshigaya Okura

Address: 3-34-11 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5490-9101
Business hours / 10:00-21:00
No regular holidays
Credit cards / Accepted
Website /