Confectionery Kafu

Japanese confectionery Kafu / Since 1954

It is said that haiku poet Teijo Nakamura enjoyed Kafu’s sweets with visitors

Classic handmade anko (bean paste) with a long history

This Japanese shop focuses on handmade sweets, limiting their production only to what will be sold on a given day. The homemade, slightly less sweet anko is famously elegant. Koshian is made by peeling and boiling high-grade azuki beans from Hokkaido, while Tsubuan is made with higher quality dainagon beans and white bean paste, which is less common in Tokyo.

Popular daifuku mochi and chestnut yokan

Bean daifuku (220 yen), a favorite of famous actor and singer Yujiro Ishihara, is a gem that is often sold out by afternoon. The limited production chestnut yokan (1,600 yen for large, 800 yen for small) is very popular. A saying among the staff goes, “the number turned away is greater than the number sold.” Monaka made with the dainagon beans (150 yen) is the most popular item. We receive many inquiries from far away.

Tsubuan monaka with refined sweetness

Sweets, such as dango and daifuku, as well as fresh confections and yokan, are popular as gifts

Wrapping bean paste with flattened mochi in the Kafu way


Address: 3-32-3 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3482-0011
Business hours / 10:00-17:00
Regular holidays / Tuesdays
Credit cards / Not accepted