Kaika @ Soshigaya Classroom

Kaica Shoshigaya classroom / Since 2000

A classroom providing courses in everything from personal computers to English conversation to computer programming

For those wanting to develop skills while having fun

“Kaica” means here, we encourage students to grow their talents while having fun learning. Our classes meet a wide range of needs from child to adult, in areas such as English conversation over PC with native speakers, Korean language, conversational English for kids, robot classes for elementary school students or smartphone and iPad usage for seniors.

MOS certifications for employment or reemployment

Since 2016, we have been designated a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) test center. We also offer a test preparation course that allows you to study for the test at the test site.

Group language classes

With the aim of acquiring every day English conversation skills, we offer a flexible curriculum that is not restricted to textbooks. Classes are divided into five levels, from beginner to advanced, with 50-minute lessons with a maximum of four students.

We offer individual attention for non-language courses with an easy monthly fee system

We mainly use on-demand teaching techniques such as computer and robot classes according to an individual’s progress. These are popular and easy to understand because students simply follow the contents of the text and video. There is no set curriculum schedule, so you can set goals at your own pace.

A friendly and energetic teaching staff

Using this system, you can proceed at your own pace using online materials

Meet the staff on the online introduction board. Our staff members have various hobbies such as juggling, dance and making handmade bags

Kaika Soshigaya classroom

Address: 1-8-2 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5429-7550
Business hours / 9:30-22:00
Regular holidays / Sundays
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website / https://www.kaica.jp/