2019 February 3, in the Soshigaya shopping center was set up Kanegon image before “Soshigaya contact center” entrance as a new spot of Ultraman shopping district.

 The Kanegon is the “Ultra Q” (1966 / Tsuburaya Productions fabrication) coin monster that appeared in the first 15 story, “cocoon of Kanegon”.

 Money love pressurized Kimuotoko Konda (Kimuotoko Kaneda) boy, shake and take home a strange cocoon the sound of money is, will be transformed into a Kanegon been dragged into it. Monster Kanegon is will die and not continue to eat the money. Kimuotoko boy’s friends are drawn story of struggle joined forces attempts to return him to human beings.

 While shopping district is a city of merchants and other hand teachers a gold man boy of greed, as colleagues tried to save him, so as not to forget the “What is really important” for us, welcomed Kanegon directly below.

 As friendly monuments that can be arranged in the horizontal, Kanegon image comes at a sitting pose. Kanegon is connecting the shopping district and our symbol of “Friendship”. Please, take a photo together went to see by all means.

Than 2019 February 3, Kanegon image erected unveiling event ceremony
Soshigaya West Street, Kanegon to walk together with local children

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