Beauty salon canvas

Hair Salon Canvas / Since 2011

One-on-one styling from first consultation to finish

We match natural styling to your hair‘s character

In our first consultation, we review the basics, including hair quality, damage and more, in order to determine the most appropriate cut and style. Our services include: cut & shampoo 3,600 yen; cut & perm / cut & color from 8,500 yen; color only from 6,300 yen; hair straightening 14,000 yen.

We strive to find the best combination of treatments and shampoos to minimize hair fatigue

We continually search for shampoos, dyes, perm solutions, etc. that minimize harmful effects on your hair. We also advise our customers that using shampoos that do not irritate the scalp are best good for long-term hair health.

The store’s interior, finished in wood, has a calming ambience

The large tree in front lives in a planter

Beauty salon canvas

Address: 3-28-1 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3484-0306
Business hours / 10:00-20:00
Regular holidays / Mondays
Credit cards / Accepted
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