Kioku House

Kioku House / Since 2011

This shop carries miscellaneous but mostly cat-themed goods and is a great place for you to find a present for a friend or even yourself

Cats? They’re all over the store!

Items such as bags, wallets, stationery, cards, straps, stuffed animals, household decorations and more! We started as a nostalgia store, but we love cats so, cat items become more prevalent. We are recognized as a store for cat items. Soshigaya is a lively city where we try to set reasonable prices.

We also have Ultraman collectables

There are also Ultraman squishy dolls because the Soshigaya shopping district is known for Ultraman shopping. Even young children know the old series well, so we carry both old and new items. We also have nostalgic character goods such as Buusuka so, look around, there’s always a new discovery waiting.

Ultraman and the monsters from the Showa period are popular with today’s kids too

Cat products are great as small gifts or for everyday use

The cat sign shows you the way. Please come over and play

Kioku House

Address: 3-35-13 Soshigaya Mori Homes C B
TEL / 03-3482-0833
Business hours / 13:00-20:30
Regular holidays / Wednesdays / Thursdays
Credit cards / Accepted
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