Snack M’S

“Popular” snacks that you can easily enjoy

 This is a snack that you can enjoy from one shot starting from around 1000 yen. The charge is 1500 yen, bottle keep from 5000 yen, and karaoke is 200 yen. If you have a bottle, the budget is around 2000-3000 yen. There are about 3 girls on a daily basis, so I think there is a staff member and this price is very low.

Many customers come for the first time. It is a store that is easy to enter.

The owner is born and raised locally

 The store name comes from the owner’s name, Mihoko. I was born and raised in Seijo, and I’ve been in Soshigaya since I was 18 years old. So, when you get excited with your customers, you can talk about “where did you graduate from junior high school?” I don’t often ask “where did you graduate from junior high school?” I will. It is a snack that you can spend such a fun time with. We will entertain you even if you are not born and raised in this area, so please bring your legs.

Bottle keep starts from 5000 yen

Snack M’S

Address/3-1-17-2F Soshigaya
Business hours/20:00-27:00
Regular holidays/Sundays and Natioal holidays
Credit cards/Accepted

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