Try + Plus Soshigaya Okura School

Private tutoring school developed by a company famous for tutor dispatch

“Try Plus” is a homeroom-based tutoring system that provides individual guidance to each student, establishing learning habits, overcoming weaknesses, improving grades, passing the school of choice, and providing optimal guidance for each goal. We can respond to all needs such as follow-up of learning at public elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, preparation for regular tests, preparation for junior high school, high school and university entrance exams, follow-up of the original curriculum of junior high and high schools.

The front is the self-study space. The wood-grained desk in the back is a face-to-face tutoring booth where children and instructors face each other from the front.

This is the educational philosophy that is set up in the classroom. It consists of 5 items such as mental security and personality growth.

There is also a self-study space, and you can leave it to us to make learning habits.

The tutor instructor will provide learning support with a self-study space that you can attend at any time. Let us help you get into the habit of learning and follow up on your school homework. We accept reservations for classroom tours and hands-on lessons at any time. 0120-177-202 Reception hours: 10: 00-22: 00

This is a space for personal interviews. We will consult and decide on future learning plans with children, parents, and instructors.

The illustration of Mr. Try, an education professional, is a landmark.

Try + Plus Soshigaya Okura School(* Scheduled to open on November 16, 2020)

Address : Villa Soshigaya 105, 4-1-15 Soshigaya
Business hours / 16:00-22:00(Saturdays opens 13:00)
Regular holidays / Sundays, National Holidays
Credit cards / Not accepted
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