Cleaning WAKO Soshigaya Okura North Exit

If you deposit it by 11 o’clock, it will be finished on the day!

General clothing such as shirts, suits and slacks will be finished by 17:00 on the day if you leave it by 11:00. Of course, there is no additional charge. This service is only possible because we have a cleaning factory.

If you put it out by 11:00 am, it will be finished at 17:00 in the evening (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be finished at 18:00 at the reception until 10:00 am)

There is a free stain removal service

There may be an image that stain removal is charged, but our shop handles stains that can be removed with a little effort for free. If the stain is about 2 days after it adheres, it will return to a state where it can be fully consumed. The point is to bring it without any modification. Of course, we offer a paid stain removal course for those that do not easily fall off. We recommend using it properly depending on the condition.

We are confident in the price and quality of our shirts. Please try. Tue / Wednesday 141 yen (tax included), other than the left is 152 yen (tax included) * When using members

The inside of the store is fully equipped with measures against the new coronavirus.

Cleaning WAKO Soshigaya Okura North Exit

Address: 3-34-9 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-5787-7506
Office hours / 9:00-21:00
No regular holidays *Excluding Obon and New Year holidays
Credit cards / Not accepted
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