Seijo Fugetsu Factory Factory

Seijo Fugetsudo confectionery & factory / Since 2012

This is a shop for locals to enjoy Fugetsudo sweets

Seijo Fugetsudo, a factory with 100 years of history

In 2012, the shop was reopened as Seijo Fugetsudo Factory. The first floor is for sales and eat-in space, while the second floor and above comprise the factory portion. A total of 20 craftsmen are involved in the manufacture of Japanese and Western confections sold at seven locations. In this shop, locals can enjoy the Seijo Fugetsudo sweets.

Craftsmen continue their handmade tradition without additives

In recent years, many private manufactures have become mechanized, but in order to preserve traditional flavors, we stick to handcrafting as much as possible, and use only fresh cream with no additives.

Uncomplicated sweets bring joy with nostalgic flavors

We offer sweets with simple tastes of the kind that customers buy for themselves, rather than fancy confections for gifts. We offer a wide range of products, such as fresh items and custom-made confections, gifts, and snacks. Ice cream, chocolates and baked sweets are also available.

My name is Yuji Odagiri, a pâtissier. I am a second generation Fugetsudo craftsman

From everyday snacks to gifts, we carry an assortment of both Japanese and Western sweets

There is also a cafe corner in the store. Please enjoy a tea time with sweets

Seijo Fugetsu Factory Factory

Address: 3-24-3 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3484-5841
Hours / Sales: 10:00-19:30; eat-in: 10:00-19:00 (last order 18:30)
Regular holidays / None (except New Year’s Day)
Credit cards / Accepted
Gift certificate common in Setagaya-ku / Accepted
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Yamato House

Japanese sweet shop Yamatoya / Since 1930

“Kuri Daimyo” with a whole chestnut inside

We use our time-tested ingredients to retain traditional flavors

For our shop, we travel from Hokkaido to Okinawa to purchase ingredients and talk with farmers and agricultural cooperatives. Our owner has taken on the role of technical instructor of traditional Japanese sweets for the Tokyo Wagashi Association, and Technical Manager for the Setagaya Wagashi Association.

Promoting the beauty of Japanese sweets

The owner is active promoting the appeal of Japanese wagashi not only locally but also outside. Our shop is involved in activities such as hosting wagashi-making classes at nearby elementary and middle schools, visiting temporary housing locations in disaster-stricken areas to support reconstruction, and spreading the beauty of traditional Japanese wagashi to the world.

Our “Kuri Daimyo (‘chestnut lord’)” is a highly recommended gift

A beautiful whole chestnut is wrapped in white bean paste, once more in yellow bean paste, then baked. The softness of the chestnut combined with the moist dough are exquisite. “Kuri Daimyo” may be stored for up to 20 days, so they make great gifts.

A Japanese sweet shop, 90 years in business in Soshigaya

I am Hirofumi Ota, the owner. I teach traditional Japanese sweet-making techniques in various places, including local elementary and middle schools

We carry Japanese sweets from fresh confections to seasonal gifts

Yamato House

Address: 3-32-14 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3483-1604
Business hours / 9:00-20:00
Regular holidays / Wednesdays and 2nd Tuesday
credit cards / Not accepted