Yu Park Leviland

Public Bath Yu Park Leviland

In Soshigaya, a public bath, open till late in the evening

Open until midnight, this public bath accommodates up until the last train from the station. Late at night, when the neighborhood is dark and quiet, you can enjoy a quiet time relaxing in an open-air bath infused with bath salts. Depending on the day, other rare additives, such as Japanese herbs may be included. Breathe in the aroma.

The bath has room enough for five or six people to relax in the open air

Celebrities have dropped in incognito

Once upon a time, famed director Yoji Yamada came in as a young man. Here, he felt at home, like one of the locals. Many others—singers, television personalities and other entertainers— have also visited.

We await all with a smile

The open-air bath is accessible via a discreet stairway in the back

Six other facilities are available in addition to the open-air bath

Yu Park Leviland

Address: 1-24-1 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3484-6768
Business hours / 15:00-2:00
Regular holiday / Tuesday
Credit card / Not Accepted

Soshigaya Onsen 21

Soshigaya Onsen 21

You can enjoy black water derived from ancient rainwater

You can experience black water that originated from 27,000-year-old rainwater. Unlike other spring waters, black water oxidizes less easily as and is more healthful. The unique hot spring water contains humic acid from seaweed and is said to be effective for moisturizing and beautifying skin.

A sunny, comfortable space

The upper floor is an apartment

A small pool and ice sauna

The current chairman visits public baths nationwide, and from his observations, many offerings are available only in our facility. There is no doubt that once you enter our small, frozen sauna where your hair freezes (the room is kept at -10 ° C), you will be addicted. Bath salts are added daily to the nearby jacuzzi. There are many scents that are popular with women, such as lavender and rose.

A frozen sauna you‘ve got to try at least once

Small pool entry with sauna ticket (200 yen fee + admission)

Soshigaya Onsen 21

Address: 3-36-21 Soshigaya
TEL / 03-3483-2611
Business hours / 14:00-1:00 (tickets available until 24:30)
Regular holiday / New Year’s Day
Price / 470 yen, elementary school students and under 180 yen, preschool children 80 yen
Credit cards / Not accepted
Website / http://www.soshigaya-onsen21.com/