Gallery Cafe Georges

Founded in 2012

Healthy lunch plate 1200 yen (excluding tax) with “yomogi tea” made from organic wormwood sprouts

Holding painting and cooking workshops

 Mainly on weekends, music events using the piano, solo exhibitions of paintings, workshops on dry dishes and Central Asian cuisine are held. It is a place where various cultures come and go, like a Silk Road where Eastern and Western cultures meet. Check the event information on homepage and SNS.

Cooking that rejoices your body

 With the desire to continue doing fun things if we do something, we want to create and provide healthy dishes for that purpose, so we are focusing not only on events held at galleries but also on dishes that can be enjoyed at cafes. We offer dishes using organic vegetables, fermented foods, and dried foods.

“Okara salad” is also available for private banquet menus

Located on the second floor up the narrow stairs beside Tonkatsu Shinjuku Pasaboten

It is a homey atmosphere like visiting a friend’s house

ギャラリーカフェ ジョルジュ

Address/Soshigaya 3-36-29 2F
business hour/11:00~17:00(In the case of an event, it is open at night)
Credit card / impossible

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