Soshigaya orthodontics

Soshigaya Orthodontic / Since 2009

We value good patient communications

Specializing in orthodontic treatment for children and adults

Certified professionals with the Japanese Orthodontic Society. As orthodontic medicine advances every day, our staff continuously strives to provide the best care through regularly updating their skills and knowledge.

An emphasis on communication with patients

In our consults, we take care to resolve any doubts or anxiety and to make our patients feel at ease. In order provide peace of mind with our treatments, we make every effort to provide thorough diagnoses and thorough explanations.

Soshigaya orthodontics

Address: 1-11-7-2F Soshigaya
TEL / 03-6411-2680
Office hours / 11:00-19:30
Closed / Mon / Fri / Sun / Holidays
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